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Want to try High School Rodeo?? Anyone eligible can compete in one weekend of PHSRA Rodeo (excluding farm show) without joining as a member. Cost is $30 per event per performance plus $18 secretary fee. Please call in by date posted prior to that rodeo.

Announcements & Updates

Update: Proposed PHSRA By-Laws can be found on the Board of Directors Page along with the current set of PHSRA By-Laws for Comparison. Members are asked to review and a vote will be held at the Benton Rodeo weekend of May 3-4 on whether the bylaws should be amended. Proposed By Laws will be also be included in the upcoming email with information regarding the Ford City Rodeo.


Attention any High School or Junior High Girl that would be interested in entering the Phsra Queen and Princess  Contest please contact Kyra Walizer   ASAP for requirements and information.  The Contest will start at Ford City with the Speech and Impromptu Question and the Horsemanship will be held at Malibu Ranch. 


The Next Upcoming Rodeo will be May 3-4 at Benton, PA   385 Mendenhall Lane (intersection of Main St./Mendenhall Hall) Benton PA 17814
CHANGED** Sat. mandatory student meeting at 10 am 
** rodeo starts at noon***CHANGED. 

More info can be found on the Rodeo Schedule Page.

Call Ins for For Benton AND Malibu(May 10-11) will be held on April 27
from 7-10 p.m.

Kelly Hower at 570-412-3601 
Do not leave a message. Please call back if there is no answer.

More info on this rodeo and others can be found on the Rodeo Schedule Page.


Fundraising Tickets:  Gun/Truck Tickets and Yellow Tickets (Beef, Gift Certificates) are available from Rob Bascom. 
Please Contact him to receive tickets to sell.
(814) 574-3368 or email


Tandi Landolfi
is now accepting nominations for new board members.
Board Member Elections will be held at the Malibu Ranch Rodeo Weekend May 10-11.
A General Membership Meeting will also be held that same weekend.


By-Laws will be voted on to have amended to Proposed By-Laws at the Benton Rodeo May 3/4.

Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports can be found in a binder at the announcers stand at all upcoming rodeos.


*******Cowboy Prom will be held finals weekend Sunday evening 7-10 p.m.********
Tickets will be on sale at the next rodeo which is Ford City.
I am also planning a dummy roping to raise money at the next rodeo.

Thank you,
Kyra Walizer


How the State Finals will be pointed has been updated and can
be found on the Rodeo Schedule Page.

The Shooting Sports Page has been updated with the Spring Shooting Schedule and Updated National Rules.


Check out the New Clinic Page

 for upcoming clinics in our area.


  • 2013 - 2014 Membership forms are online Click here or go to the 'How to Join' page
  •  Parent(s) Volunteer needed to head the scholarship committee for 2013-2014 season. Please Contact Kelly or Mark Hower for more info
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  •   Special Congratulations to:
  •         Emma Watts:  3rd in the world in Junior Division Breakaway Roping
  • Daylon Swearingen: 11th in the world in Bull Riding Jr Division and 21st in Chute Doggin
  • Scottie Harris:  25th in the world in Chute Doggin Jr Division
  • NHSRF 2013
  • Coy Lutz:  17th in Bareback Riding
  • Kyra Walizer: 25th in the Queens Contest, 3rd in Queens Horsemanship
  • Sophie McGowen: 30th in Pole Bending, 83rd in Barrels
  • Sheena Zimmerman  44th in Pole Bending, 92nd in Goat Tying,
  • Autumn Ehrenzellar: 66th in Pole Bending, 150th in Barrels
  • Alexes Hannold  93rd in Barrels, 113th in Pole Bending
  • Cheyanne Jones: 108th in Goat Tying, 136th in Barrels
  • Sarah Shrawder: 158 in Goat Tying
  • Dylan Beam: 49th in Team Roping
  • Spencer Bramble: 31st  in Tie Down Roping, 49th in Team Roping
  • Ryan Whetham 86 in Steer Wrestling
  • Mason Brehm: 89th in Steer Wrestling
  • Ronnie Maccarella: 114th in Steer Wrestling
  • Niki Wertz: 101st in Breakaway Roping
  • Megan Arbogast: 100th in Breakaway Roping
  • Brooke Fairman: 45th in Breakaway Roping, 141 in Goat Tying,
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  • Cinch / Cruel Girl Scholarship Application available online. Click here
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  • Rodeo Recruiting Site: Check out High School Students can post a free profile (use code 52xs8EdR) to be viewed by college rodeo recruiters and also get info about college rodeo teams.


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